• My new CD “Whiskey Jack Waltz”, featuring Lorne Lofsky with André White on piano, Alec Walkington on bass and Dave Laing on drums, is now available through CDbaby and other online retailers.
  • The Big Band’s recent concert at Tanna Schulich Hall (McGill University) featuring the highly original and influential jazz trumpeter John McNeil was a great success, with four new pieces premiered. The concert was followed by an epic hang that will not be soon forgotten.
  • I’ll be performing every Thursday this month at the Dièse Onze Jazz Club. The first gig, last Thursday was lots of fun and featured Kate Wyatt, Adrian Vedady, Erik Hove and Dave Laing. This week it’ll be my regular rhythm section, André, Alec and Dave playing tunes from the new CD and other things as well.
  • On the 21st, I will do a complete about-face by featuring the music of tenor saxophonist David Bellemare in a quartet setting that also features Paul Rushka on bass and Michel Lambert on drums. This should be lots of fun…very open with no chord instrument. I’m looking forward to playing with Dave in this setting, where he really shines. Michel Lambert is an especially imaginative drummer and I think we’ll be in for some surprises and some interesting music.
  • Finally on the 28th, it’ll be Morgan Moore, Jimmy Doxas and my old buddy André Leroux on tenor.  Testosterone will no doubt be splashing around. Haven’t decided what we will play yet, but I’ve been writing lots of new tunes, so I think we’ll go with a mix of new stuff and some standards. I love playing standards with Morgan, who learned old-school under the watchful eye of guitarist Greg Clayton!
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